Provides support to Members moving to multicast services.

Multicast technology has been around for 30 years. Strangely enough, the technique is not widely used in the public internet space because it is not supported by all service providers end-to-end. In the past, broadcasters faced a number of challenges when using multicast. However, with the development of source specific multicast and, more recently, automatic multicast tunnelling, it is becoming easier.

EBU Technology & Innovation Workplan

Every two years, the EBU develops a roadmap for technology and innovation activities based on the requirements and inputs given by EBU Members. The result of this roadmap is our bi-annual EBU Technology & Innovation Workplan. Strategic programmes and project groups are set up to focus on specific areas of interest. To access the latest Workplan, click here.

EBU Project Group on Multicast

The topic of Multicast is part of the EBU's Strategic Programme on Broadcaster Internet Services.

Main activities:

  • Provides support to EBU Members moving to multicast services.
  • Setting up a full AMT Multicast Testbed to help you get started with the technology.
  • Bringing experts together, collecting feedback and specific use cases, and making this information easily accessible for you to use to develop your own services.  

​Join us

If you are interested in Multicast, join our group on this topic and participate in the discussions.  Some restrictions may apply.  To access the Wiki, Forum and actual AMT Multicast testbed you will have to join this group using your EBU account (free registration).  If registered you can access the Wiki, Forum and Testbed on EBU.IO or directly go to the workspace.

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EBU prepares Multi-CDN pilot

24 - 25 Mar 2020

EBU Geneva

BroadThinking is where broadcast meets online and the annual conference for all things 5G, delivery, streaming, interactivity and more.

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16 - 17 Jun 2020

tbc, Istanbul, Turkey

The TA takes stock of current and future technology trends that impact the media industry and the work done in EBU Strategic Programmes and project groups on behalf of the EBU Membership. The TA 2020 also elects a new Technical Committee.

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EBU tech-i magazine, Issue 23 tells you how you can produce smarter, introduces future broadcasting architectures, dives into the use of the 700 MHz band, explains how hackers have become 'smart', and more...

EBU tech-i magazine, issue 22 explains why Video did NOT kill radio and what the future of radio will be like. And there is more, including Cross-Platform Authentication and a look at the state of loudness normalisation in Europe.

Issue 20 of tech-i includes news on newsrooms, addresses the question if FTA TV is dead, takes a look at MPEG MMT, provides a profile of the new EBU TC chairman Egon Verharen (NPO) and features two articles explaining what UHDTV will offer. And there is more...

Issue 17 of tech-i  looks at UHDTV, with SVT's Per Björkman on the UHD equation, Hans Hoffmann on UHD technology parameters, David Wood on high frame rates, and a report on the recent shoot of the Eurovision Young Dancers.

Issue 12 of tech-i includes a look back at February's RadioHack workshops, a look forward to the Libre Software Meeting where the EBU is organizing sessions on Free and Open Source Software for media, introductions to the IMPS programme, EBUCore and MPEG-DASH, plus an update on follow-up actions from WRC-12. David Wood weighs up digital radio options and HRT's Kazimir Bacic is "In the spotlight".

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