Our diet of television viewing may include not just the programmes we choose ourselves directly, but those sent to us by others.   We may also be able to carry over a programme we are watching to be picked up in another room or building.  These are the kind of things we could be doing in future with a new tool – Cross-platform Authentication (CPA).     
The key is that in 2013, the EBU partnered with Members to develop a standard way for a user to associate a device with an online account – the missing link for broadcasters when it came to the transfer of programmes to other displays or users. This protocol was called ‘Cross-platform authentication.’
The protocol is an open standard for authentication of IP connected media devices and provides a common base for device manufacturers and content providers to offer more personalized services. 
Since then much has been done to improve such CPA services from broadcasters and media providers. We are now working on a mobile application use case and open source implementation which should be published soon. 
Learn more by watching David Wood’s next video on cross-platform authentication here.

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