The future of audio

The latest edition of our tech-i magazine looks at the future of audio. Florian Camerer, ORF and Chairman of the PLOUD Group, gives a brief overview of the state of loudness normalisation in Europe while Matthieu Parmentier, EBU-FAR Chair, tells us more about object-based audio,  and Simon Tuff, BBC, looks at how the next generation of broadcast audio is progressing for UHDTV.
We also find out more about why audio contribution over IP will outlast ISDN and the inside scoop on the latest EBU Digital Radio report.

And more…

Michael Barroco, EBU, introduces us cross-platform authentication – a way to have a personalized web experience on any device.  More information about this programme can be found here.
You’ll find an event report from IBC 2014 and David Wood, EBU, gives a hard look at the future of broadcasting.  Our Member profile this issue comes from Gino Alberico, Head of study and research at RAI R&D, shares with us more information about RAI and some of the important challenges facing EBU Members today.
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