Principles for the Communication of Innovation and R&D by EBU Members

EBU R 157

This Recommendation advises how PSBs, and EBU Members, in particular, can best share their R&D and Innovations.

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The European Broadcasting Union has always endeavoured to ensure that its Members, large or small, rich or not so rich can equally participate in the technological discussions and decisions that are continuously being made to ensure that Public Service Media remains relevant and viable and that it fulfills its public service mission to inform, entertain and improve viewers’ and listeners’ experiences in the European Region.

This Recommendation lists nine ways in which EBU Members can best effect the cross-fertilization of R&D and Innovation that will build better and stronger ideas, harmonized across the Membership. The use of Social Media and Apps form part of these recommendations.


Keywords: Knowledge, Ideas, Sharing, EBU Member solidarity, Harmonization of effort, Cost saving