The NorDig consortium has chosen the TV-Anytime specification to augment its planned common digital television platform for the Nordic region and Ireland.

The updated TV-Anytime standard is the result of close collaboration between NorDig and the EBU, led by metadata expert and Principal Project Manager Jean-Pierre Evain. Working through the EBU-ETSI BROADCAST Committee, the advanced functionality necessary to meet NorDig's requirements was added to the standard.

The group chose the amended TV-Anytime specification for the exchange of electronic programme guides and event metadata, and for the rights management of live and VOD content across platforms and networks. The NorDig platform uses HbbTV as its common API.

NorDig is a cooperative organization of broadcasters and telecom companies from Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway and Sweden, aiming to create a transnational ecosystem and make television channels available throughout the region. A working group of broadcasters, distributors and stakeholders was set up in November 2015 to identify relevant standards and formats.

As a result of the collaboration, version 1.10 of the TV-Anytime specification (TS 102 822 part 3-1) has now been officially released and is publicly available from the ETSI website.

For more information contact:

Per Tullstedt, chairman NorDig Technical Committee: per.tullstedt[at]
Peter Mølsted, chairman NorDig EPG/Event metadata group: molested[at|

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