Analysis Methodology for the Distribution of PSM Content and Services


The distribution chains for audiovisual media services are complex and varied.

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Different types of content and services may be distributed in different ways depending on the selected distribution options, target devices or the user context. Beyond the technical aspects, distribution of PSM content and services is strongly influenced by commercial and regulatory considerations.

This document proposes a methodology for a practical analysis of the distribution chain, rather than a theoretical model. The distribution chain is dissected into several common steps that can be identified in all cases, including:

• Content creation
• Service creation
• Service aggregation
• Distribution
• Reception
• Navigation and selection

These steps are organised into a ‘canvas’ template against which the real-life entities and their relationships can be identified, based on their roles and the position in the distribution chain. This allows the EBU members to visualise and analyse their own distribution context, not only from the technical point of view but also commercial or regulatory aspects, as well as specific issues such as gatekeeping, potential bottlenecks, or costs.

The proposed methodology is applicable to any distribution context and is independent from the technology, types of service or user devices, or any other specific element of the distribution chain. It can be used for qualitative analysis as well as a basis for quantitative analysis, noting that in the latter case a particular, quantitative model would be required which exceeds the scope of the present document.