The DASH Industry Forum (DASH-IF) met at the EBU headquarters today. The group is addressing the growth of broadband video by defining a universal delivery format that provides end users with the best possible video experience by dynamically adapting to changing network conditions. The open specification enjoys a great uptake in the market and is the delivery format for HbbTV v1.5 and 2.0.
Currently DASH-IF is working on Version 3 of their implementation guidelines and interoperability points.  New service descriptions will support ad insertion, UHD and an improvement of DASH-based applications in the delivery path together with the adaptation of push based protocols like HTTP/2 and Websockets. 
The EBU has developed a Test Engine for Encoding that provides Members with a test platform that can be used as a  'reference software workflow' for creating different audio/video formats in the contribution/distribution production chain using open source software. Create your own tests or benefit from the tests of others. The platform is also meant to facilitate discussion around suitable MPEG-DASH content generation (including encoding and packaging settings) for different use cases. For more infomation, click here.

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