Video-sharing website Vimeo has good reason to celebrate its successes. The site is known for its high quality content, attracts over 100 million unique visitors a month and it is barely a decade old. But what not too many people know is how Vimeo operates internally. How does the service maintain its high quality? How does it deal with the many (large) uploads and the many different end-user devices? What software is used and what is developed?

Video compression pipeline

At EBU DevCon 2015, Vimeo's Vittorio Giovara will give a presentation called "Deploying Open Source software at Vimeo". It will cover Vimeo's video compression pipeline, how deployment in the cloud is handled,  and what Vimeo's approach is regarding open source development.


The presenation on Vimeo's infrastructure is part of the "DevOps, Cloud Automation and Infrastructure" Session at this year's EBU DevCon. Other presentations in this session include one on virtualization using Docker (BBC), migrating an EPG service to the cloud (RTS) and the EBU Recommendation System that helps broadcasters personalize their audience' viewing experience.
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