As part of its continuing tests of 5G for media production and distribution, Spain’s RTVE took a portable small-cell network to an open-air theatre for video coverage of a live radio play. Read about what they learned on page 6. 5G also features on page 7, where ARD's Jochen Mezger explains how the technology could make a life-or-death difference during natural disasters in future; and on page 17, Georg Mayer explains how 3GPP is shaping the next phase of the global 5G infrastructure.

This, the 50th issue of tech-i also features a retrospective on the topics covered in the magazine since the first issue appeared in September 2009.

It is commonplace to see mobile phones used to shoot video whilst held in a portrait configuration (long axis vertical), which results in aspect ratios such as 9:16, rather than the conventional 16:9. Nevertheless, the importance of user-generated content to broadcasters has created the need to handle and archive images with non-traditional aspect ratios.