Online Services

Helps Members assess the short, mid- and long-term impact of relevant internet technologies

Today, broadcasters need to be able to manage “back-end” infrastructures and so-called “front-end” software interfaces that allow audiences to access and interact with content on different devices/platforms.

Online Distribution and Services is a Project Group of the EBU Strategic Programme on Platforms. It is for internet-based front-end (user interface) and back-end technologies for online distribution and services including CDNs, HTTP-streaming and HbbTV. This includes work on hybrid online delivery standards, workflows for existing and new media formats, and the associated analytics to measure the quality of service (QoS). This project covers advice and impact analysis of regulatory issues such as network neutrality or privacy regulation.


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  • Help Members take stock of the relevant internet technologies available and assess the short, mid- and long-term impact for public service broadcasters.
  • Exchange knowledge between broadcasters.
  • Identify gaps in available technologies and propose solutions.
  • Advocate for international standards to be developed to include interoperability..


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