Are we now living in the “Global Village” postulated by Marshall McLuhan in his book ‘Understanding Media’ in the 1960s? Our Director of Technology & Innovation, Simon Fell, explores the future of broadcasting technology, including the rise of micro social apps like Periscope and Meerkat. What does this mean for the coverage of news and events in the future? 
This month’s issue of our quarterly magazine, tech-i, takes a closer look at hybrid television (HbbTV), open source communities, subtitle distributions and the importance of 5G. In particular, Rob Koenen (TNO) and Joost Negenman (NPO) explore whether or not HbbTV still works if the “trigger” does not reach the terminal. 
UHDTV will become a tangible reality in the near future and Javier Sanchez (RTVE) tells us more about their pioneer testing in this area. As more millennials enter the workforce, they bring new ideas inspired by technology and innovation – but how do we engage them more? 
Find out more in this month’s issue of our quarterly magazine, tech-i

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