EBU Members take generative AI in new directions at Radio France

The inaugural EBU Horizons Hackjam on generative AI took place in Paris this week. The goal of this hands-on event was to explore different ideas and to generate prototypes at the end of 28 hours.

Europe supports a "secondary allocation" to mobile for the sub-700 MHz UHF band

Decisions by the Council of the European Union and the coordinating body for European spectrum regulators, the CEPT, point towards Europe supporting a primary allocation to broadcasting for the sub-700...

Updated EBU Recommendation strengthens media industry resilience against cyber threats

The latest version of EBU R 160 outlines a comprehensive procedure for managing vulnerabilities in the media industry. It covers pre and post-purchase stages for both buyers and vendors, and includes security...

Meet us at IBC 2023!

We are gearing up for a prominent presence at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam, with our stand at 10.D21, the 'IBC Tech Zone' collaboration, and a number of awards.

Is the role of technology in the boardroom changing at public service media?

Willem Roskam, Chief Technology Officer at NPO, the Dutch public broadcaster, explores how rapid change in the media technology landscape is impacting on roles in the boardroom.

BBC's crowning achievement with private 5G networks for contribution

In May 2023, the world’s media were focused on the coronation of King Charles III in London. For BBC R&D, it was a golden opportunity for the biggest test yet of using private 5G networks for contribution....

Mastering technology to better serve audiences

EBU Director of Technology & Innovation Antonio Arcidiacono shares his vision for a new media space that leverages AI technologies and resilient IP and cloud-based networks.

Pedalling towards greener production in Belgium and Britain

We often talk about sustainability and efficiency in abstract terms, writes the EBU’s Hemini Mehta. RTBF’s Green Production Unit and BBC’s Bike Bureau and are tangible examples of putting goals in motion.

Europe reaches decision time on the use of the 470–694 MHz band

Elena Puigrefagut, one of the EBU’s experts on broadcast technology and spectrum, shares her personal views on the decisions that lie ahead both for EU Member States and the EBU itself ahead of WRC-23.

Using 5G to create synergies across the entire media chain

Mauro D’Onofrio, Head of Innovation & Research at Rai Way, describes how the Italian operator tested the integration of 5G Broadcast and broadband technologies for media use cases.

IBC Awards to honor Eurovision Song Contest, German DVB-I Pilot, BBC's 5G NPN Technical Paper

The International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) has unveiled the winners of its awards in 2023, celebrating outstanding achievements in the fields of media and innovation. The EBU is among the recipients...

EBU to build momentum on Dynamic Media Facilities at IBC2023

A meet-up on the EBU stand at IBC2023 will discuss the aims of the Dynamic Media Facilities initiative, which aims to redefine media production for the modern age. The meet-up is on Sunday 17 September...

Solving the lighting challenge in self-driven studios

Christoph Flüeler, a system and software engineer at Swiss public broadcaster SRF, introduces a breakthrough approach to studio lighting, the Self-directed Lighting System, SLS. The project was a runner-up...

Combining 5G Broadcast and broadband in one application

Michael Wagenhofer, CEO of ORS Group, explains how the Austrian broadcasting service provider is changing the broadcasting landscape by merging two technologies for content delivery. The Nakolos project...

Finding the right motion-capture tool for the job

The EBU’s Computer-Generated Animation group, writes co-chair Roberto Iacoviello (Rai), aims to help Members better understand what this technology can do for them and how to choose the most appropriate...

tech-i 57: T&I Award 2023 – meet the winner and runners-up

The latest issue of tech-i magazine celebrates the winner and runners-up in the EBU Technology & Innovation Award 2023. Read about projects from BBC, ORS, Rai Way and SRF.

How STADIEM has accelerated media innovation in Europe

The EU-Funded STADIEM project – running since 2020 and soon to reach its end – broke new ground by creating an acceleration platform for European media innovation.i

EBU's Ievgen Kostiukevych to become SMPTE Fellow

One of the EBU's leading experts on media over IP, cloud technologies and remote production is to be made a Fellow of SMPTE, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. Ievgen Kostiukevych...

African Telecommunications Union agrees “no change” position on sub-700 MHz UHF band at WRC-23

In alignment with both the EBU and the African Union of Broadcasters, the ATU will advocate for "no change" to the Radio Regulations that govern the use of the sub-700 MHz band at this year's World Radiocommunication...

The Aspera vulnerability – a cautionary tale for the broadcast industry

Vulnerabilities in information systems are inevitable, which is why it’s crucial to establish procedures for dealing with them quickly when they are identified, writes Gerben Dierick (VRT), co-chair of...

Seeking strong value propositions for younger audiences

Reaching younger audiences is a top priority for Sweden’s SVT. Chief product officer Malin Ströman stresses the importance of constantly seeking the right value proposition.

Updates to EBU guidance on UHD/HDR content exchange and subtitle distribution

The EBU UHDTV strategy group has updated the EBU Exchange Parameters for UHD/HDR programmes, both for live and file-based content, based on contributions from several EBU Members. Related work on distribution...

From broadcaster to platform: the ORF Media Campus and the future of media production

ORF set out its strategy towards integrating digital with linear, hybrid production and a new multimedia newsroom almost 10 years ago. Over the past 18 months, all interconnected projects were successfully...

DVB-I shows promise for future television distribution in Germany

Phase 1 of the German DVB-I Pilot confirmed that the standard is a promising solution for the transition to streaming, enabling interoperable and platform-independent media access, writes Christian Klöckner...