The traditional production environment is undergoing transformation.  The resulting ‘Media Factory of the Future’ will continue to build on the work broadcasters are currently doing to integrate platforms, services and data and will add more flexibility, the ability to produce new live and on demand content and reduce costs. 
This year’s EBU Session at IBC, “The Media Factory of the Future” will examine this topic and focus on the broadcasters’ next move. Through a short series of dynamic presentations and a panel discussion with top experts from EBU Members and industry, we will address key questions such as:
  • How will the ‘Media Factory of the Future’ be different than today? 
  • What challenges prevent us from getting there now? 
  • How will the ‘Media Factory of the Future’ help broadcasters to rise to public demands for new services by offering more flexibility and reducing costs?
This session will be chaired by: Simon Fell, Director of Technology & Innovation, EBU. Speakers will include:
  • Geir Børdalen, Head of investments, Senior project manager – Origo (NRK)
  • Richard Friedel, Executive Vice President & General Manager (Fox Networks)
  • Thomas Saner, Senior Advisor (SRG SSR)
  • Wouter de Cuyper, Technology Architect (VRT)
Join us on Saturday, 12 Sep at 15:30 – 18:00 in the Emerald Room at IBC. 

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