FORECAST is the EBU's annual seminar dealing with broadcast technologies, spectrum management and related topics. Each year, it brings together broadcasters, network operators, regulators, policymakers, industry stakeholders and researchers.
Are you preparing for WRC-15? This year's event will be a unique opportunity to consolidate positions before WRC-15 and to discuss the future of broadcasting distribution. Jonathan Thompson, CEO of Digital UK, the company which manages DTT in the UK will assess the prospects for terrestrial TV and outline how the UK platform is evolving with more HD content and a new integrated connected proposition, Freeview Play, in his keynote address at this year’s event.
In a session dedicated to changes in spectrum allocations, Rich Chernock (ATSC), Lindsay Cornell (BBC) and Jørn Jensen (NRK) will give their perspectives on the US moving forward, SOS on wireless cameras and radio microphones, and Norway’s experience of switching off FM radio. 
Following this, participants will have the opportunity to hear more about the future use of the 700 MHz band and participate in a panel discussion that asks: “Are we heading in the right direction?”
Day 2 will start with an overview of the latest on receivers. The next session will focus on innovative spectrum usage. What about the “flexibility” option or the smart use of white spaces? Hear more from Guillaume Lebrun (Digital Europe) and Adriana Mattei (Zetacast) on this topic. 
The long term perspective for media distribution will be discussed by Alexander Gulyaev (Huawei) who will give us his view from the 3rd Generation Partnership Project.  Phil Laven, (DVB) will provide an overview of DVB’s vision for the future and Roland Beutler (SWR), will look at broadcasting in a changing distribution market. 
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