Broadcasting schedules used to be fixed. You always knew when your favourite TV show would be on and if you missed it, well you had better hope that your mother or best friend had pre-recorded it for you to watch later. But today, there is no need for this. Content is literally at our fingertips all the time. We no longer rely as much on a fixed schedule. Instead, we want to access “our media on any device.” That’s why our feature story this month focuses on personalization.  Michael Barroco (EBU) and Sean O’Halpin (BBC) tell us why it is of utmost importance to broadcasters now and how it is bringing the media experience into the 21st Century.
Driven by demand, changes in viewing behaviour and new revenue streams, the live events industry has also grown dramatically in recent years. Broadcasters face fierce competition from new media players that provide cost-efficient alternatives for delivering content. Fredrik Sallstrom (NETINSIGHT) tells us more about remote production and how it is the key to delivering more live content.
Also included in this issue: The latest news from ABU Technology; networked media; immersive audio; wireless distribution of audio-visual media services; video on demand myths and realities; sustainable production; and, subtitling.  
In each issue of tech-i we ask a member of our tech community to step into the spotlight. In this issue we say hello to Sébastien Noir from RTS.  

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