It is not every day that you can learn directly from the source. But in the software world, it does happen. On 6-7 October, the EBU has the privilige to facilitate a talk by SCRUM co-inventor Ken Schwaber ( In 1995 Ken, together with Jeff Sutherland, laid the basis of the SCRUM development process many organisations now try to apply in their day-to-day work.

Agile Manifesto

The efficient software development methods Schwaber and Sutherland identified later became known through the 'Agile Manifesto'; a set of rules that outline better ways to develop software. The core principles are valuing individuals and interactions (over processes and tools),  focussing on working software (rather than extensive documentation), working together with the client (instead of negotiating contracts) and responding to change (over following a pre-set plan).

In his presentation for EBU DevCon (provided via a video connection), Ken Schwaber will talk about how to scale SCRUM, based on his extensive experience in helping organisations of all conceivable sizes apply agile development methodologies.

More help from colleagues

To provide DevCon participants with maximum value, the programme also includes two broadcaster-oriented sessions based on the agile experiences in Swiss pubcaster RTS. Francesco Lomonaco and Christian Lapointe will provide a 'survival guide to the Agile Jungle' and host and interactive 'Agile Clinic' to help participants overcome real-world, practical challenges with agile software development in media companies.

So whether you are a developer, manager, product owner or in any other way involved in software development: don't miss this opportunity to learn from the experts. The conference programme is packed with strong presentations and hands-on sessions. EBU DevCon 15 promises to be the best edition so far. Don't miss it!

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