Broadcasters play a much wider role in fostering communities than ever before. As media technologies continue to develop and new applications become popular, audiences expect broadcasters to provide their content on a multitude of different platforms and devices. Being able to access the content with “no strings attached” or using a single sign on is a must.  
So how do we make this happen? Today’s EBU Developer’s Conference (EBU DevCon) kicked off with a keynote speech from Cornelius Suermann (PayPal) who touched on this very topic. For the past few years, PayPal has used the concept of “InnerSourcing” to take the ethos of open source and bring it into their company. Why? 
In order to face the complex world of multiple platforms, devices and an increasingly global workforce, companies often struggle to share knowledge among and across teams, not to mention across continents. The idea of InnerSource is not new. The term was coined by Tim O’Reilly 14 years ago and PayPal is only one of a growing number of companies taking a step forward in this direction. 
“Fostering a culture that values craftsmanship is absolutely critical. Engineers need to have an inner desire to produce high quality code and management needs to actively support them,” said Cornelius Suermann (PayPal). 
This view was actively supported by delegates and speakers throughout the day. “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools” advocated Aleksi Rossi (YLE) in his presentation on the agile culture experience of YLE. 
Dietrich Ayala (Mozilla Firefox) showcased how their company works to unlock innovation and bridge the gap between hardware and the web with Firefox OS. “Be where the users are. This is increasingly mobile” said Dietrich Ayala.   
Delegates ended the day by getting hands on in two break-out sessions taking a closer look at cross-platform authentication and how to build amazing reactive interfaces. 

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