The EBU is pleased to announce that the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has recently published a Technical Specification based on the EBU Cross-platform Authentication Protocol (CPA).
ETSI TS 103 407, Cross Platform Authentication for limited input hybrid consumer equipment, was published on 11 April 2016. The CPA protocol is specifically designed for devices with limited input and display capabilities that are not addressed by existing standards (including television, radio and mobile devices) and to cater for companies that share a back-end authorization provider for managing identities but implement services separately.
The publication is a direct result of many months of collaborative work done in the EBU’s Strategic Programme on CPA and is a clear example of how EBU and its Members are at the forefront of work on recommendation systems, big data analysis and tailoring services to suit different consumer habits.
The Technical Specification is available for free download. To access your copy, click here
For more information on CPA, read our feature story on page 6 of our quarterly tech-i magazine (Issue 25). 

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