We help Members to navigate the fast-paced technical landscape by providing expertise, relevant and trusted information, and a place to share their knowledge and experience.

Technical Committee

Responsible for managing the EBU’s technical activities. The TC oversees the development of the biennial Workplan and approves the creation of Strategic Programmes.

T&I Team

Based in Geneva, our Technology & Innovation team is here for you. We are responsible for putting the annual workplan into action.

Our Vision

As part of the EBU, we work hard to make public service media indispensable. We support you in critical situations, deliver reliable and innovative services and stimulate the exchange of ideas and best practice. We also promote the core values of the organization and foster co-development and cooperation.

Our Purpose

We help to accelerate technology innovation, delivering superior expertise, quality and commitment to Members.

Our Team

As the largest association of national broadcasters in the world, we are lucky to be able to bring together experts in the field of technology and innovation. Our team is made up of a Technical Assembly, Technical Committee, Technical Liaison Officers and the Technology & Innovation team at EBU.