UHDTV Why? When? How?

EBU tech-i 017

Issue 17 of tech-i  looks at UHDTV, with SVT's Per Björkman on the UHD equation, Hans Hoffmann on UHD technology parameters, David Wood on high frame rates, and a report on the recent shoot of the Eurovision Young Dancers.

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Besides that there are QC criteria, software engineering for media, a profile of Algerian broadcasting, a feature on access services, regulation of media convergence, a report on the EBU binaural workshop and an introduction to the semantic web.


The following translations of this parts of this document are available. These translations are courtesy of the translaters and hosted by the EBU 'as is'. The official and definitive version is the EBU English version.

Russian version of Quality Control - more than keeping up appearances [2013] - Special thanks to EBU Member RTR.