Broadcasting and Streaming Roundtable

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted media distribution worldwide. Some streaming services have cut back their quality to prioritize other Internet traffic. What is the latest on this topic? And has traditional broadcasting not been impacted at all? This virtual roundtable offered EBU Members a platform to share their experiences and learn what is currently cooking and coming up.

Sharing practices

In this informal, one-hour round-table call EBU Members shared their latest experiences, questions, etc.

- What is the impact of the crisis on streaming? (congestion, quality, throttling, ...)?
- Which measures are EBU Members and operators implementing?
- (How) has the COVID-19 crisis impacted traditional 'over the air' broadcasting?
- What may happen if this crisis lasts for much longer?

Members for Members

This call was one of several activities to help EBU Members deal with challenges resulting from the COVID-19 crisis. Other resources include:
- The presentations and the summary report from preivous roundtables, such as the one one on Disinfecting Equipment;
- Weekly Technical Liaison Officers (TLO) calls to share the latest news on technical issues;
- Dedicated Slack channels to discuss/share technical advice with EBU Member peers 24/7;
- A collection of advice from EBU Members on several topics, beyond technical aspects (e.g. programming, communication)

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