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Shaping the Future Radio Experience – A summary of the Digital Radio Week 2018

Over 120 delegates gathered in Geneva for the Digital Radio Summit to hear from EBU Members and others about the present and the future in radio technology and innovation. The Radiohack event, Radio Archives Workshop and several other gatherings also contributed to a very productive and busy EBU Digital Radio Week.

Digital Radio Week 2018

Monday 12th February marks the start of the popular annual EBU Digital Radio Week, hosted at the EBU in Geneva. It brings together a range of events for those interested in technology and innovation within Radio, as well as a number of industry gatherings.

Tackling technical complexity at PTS 2018

Managing the complexity of IT- and IP-based systems was highlighted as one of the main challenges on the way to “smarter content production” at this year's Production Technology Seminar – and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as technologies that would have an important role to play in meeting those challenges.

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