Producing 'smarter'

Audiences have started using media in more diverse ways and this has had (and is having) a big impact on broadcasters' technology and workflows. The latest edition of our tech-i magazine looks at ways to produce 'smarter'. Robert Amlung (ZDF) takes a closer look at publishing online, how people use media and how broadcast technology needs to become more software centric. Building on this, Thomas Saner (SRG) gives an in depth view on how broadcasters can cope with more and more user requirements in distribution and production and Maurizio Montagnuolo (RAI) offers insight on supporting workflows on an advanced cloud media storage. 

And more…

The impact of the release of the 700 MHz band in Europe continues to be a hot topic as we move towards the next WRC-15 Conference.  Elena Puigrefagut (EBU) gives us the inside scoop.
In regards to archives, Alain Dufaux and Caryl Jones (EPFL) walk us through the audio-visual archive of the Montreux Jazz Festival and Frans de Jong (EBU) presents the final preparations being made on EBU.IO for quality control software.
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