Service requirements for 3GPP-based TV distribution use cases


This document identifies a set of service requirements for representative use cases concerning 3GPP-based television distribution.

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3GPP  is currently working on extensions to support TV services with the main objective of enabling the delivery of these services on mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and other consumer devices in different user environments. This includes both live and on demand TV services.

In this context 3GPP has launched several study and work items to address improvements on the eMBMS radio layer, the architecture, and the service layer to address the emerging use cases. In this document a set of representative use cases has been described for which the technical enablers are expected to be supported in 3GPP specifications in order to launch such services.

This document was used as a basis for submission to the relevant 3GPP activities. From EBU members’ perspective it would be desirable to align, as far as is possible, the 3GPP specifications with the corresponding specifications in DVB and other relevant SDOs.


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