Recommended Adoption of HbbTV 2.0.3 for Hybrid TV

EBU R 150

This Recommendation urges EBU Members and other broadcasters to adopt, or migrate to, HbbTV 2.0.3.

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HbbTV 2.0.X and especially the 2.0.3 specification (ETSI TS 102 796 V1.6.1) has advanced capabilities such as second screen and multi-stream synchronisation, interoperability with Digital Rights Management systems, support for adaptive streaming of (U)HDTV formats using DVB-DASH and device capability information. It provides a convergence with web standards technology within a modern HTML5 browser environment and the use of, for example, MSE (Media Source Extensions).

In launching Hybrid TV services, EBU Members are urged to engage with stakeholders in their respective markets to ensure optimum take-up of new services, including Consumer Electronics Manufacturers to maximise interoperability between HbbTV 2.0.3 terminals and Members’ services/applications, Retailers to ensure the more advanced features of HbbTV 2.0.3 receivers are brought to the fore through attractive enhanced applications and with other Broadcasters to ensure a coherent market approach maximising the potential for audience engagement through a rich proposition based on advanced Hybrid TV services and devices.


Keywords: Streaming, HbbTV, Broadband, OTT, On-demand, Live-streaming, DVB-DASH, Adaptive Streaming, HDR, H.265, HEVC, UHD, HDTV, HTML5, MSE, Hybrid TV, Accessibility, DVB, ETSI.