Audio contribution over IP



To deliver high-quality audio feeds over the Internet, broadcasters rely on streaming audio over IP networks. To ensure quality and reliability over IP, broadcasters must consider a number of factors, including: forward error correction, diversity, low latency, error correction, redundancy and robust encoding/decoding. Most commercial buildings now have Ethernet cabling, so it is easier to create IP links. However, it is critical that broadcasters ensure their provider is aware of the quality of service necessary for contribution-quality TV links.

How can EBU T&I help?

Our Project Group on Audio Contribution over IP helps Members to improve their audio contribution over IP services. We do so by developing a common framework to encourage interoperability between products, Tech 3326. We collect your feedback and requirements on a regular basis so that we can update our framework to address emerging challenges, such as the integration of new codecs. We also provide best practice material for you to use when making the transition from an integrated services digital network (ISDN) to IP.

Guidance & tools

Tech 3326: Audio contribution over IP
Best practice in audio contribution over IP