VRT Sandbox is an international joint platform put together by VRT, EBU and iMinds where innovative companies and startups get a chance to implement their technology in the VRT ecosystem. 
Over the past months Sandbox was able to kindle some interesting collaborations. And six of them will present their case at the IBC. 
In a short pitch each startup will tell about their learnings in the Sandbox and explain how their technology will affect the broadcasters.
Expect stories about big data, content behaviour, interactive video, IP based media flows and more, from Zeticon, Adhese, SDN Square, Cleverlions, Opentelly and Zentrick.
The Sandbox pitches start at 16:00 on Monday, 14 Sep 2015 at the EBU booth 10.F20. Just before the traditional EBU drinks. A perfect network opportunity! 
Join us, get inspired and connect.

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