With demand for seats at the Network Technology Seminar exceeding capacity this year, the EBU Technology & Innovation department is making a live stream available to accommodate those who were unable to register for the event.

Viewers who sign up for the live stream will be able to participate in Q&As and send questions to the Geneva venue via a chat window. Viewers will also be able to switch between the two tutorial tracks on the second day of NTS. Finally, all registered viewers will get permanent access to the PDF versions and videos of the presentations, just like regular participants.

The key to dematerialized facilities

NTS 2017 gathers leading experts and influencers in the field of IP-networked production technology for broadcasters and provides a comprehensive overview of current developments in the field. As in previous years, the programme is rounded off by tutorials and demonstrations.

The upcoming SMPTE 2110 standard is set to become one of the hot topics during the conference. We are proud to count the drafter, John Mailhot, and several other key figures around the standard among the presenters at this year's event. Is SMTPE 2110 the key to dematerialized production facilities in the cloud? Find out at NTS 2017!

The tutorial sessions are an opportunity to brush up on relevant practical knowledge. Whether you are planning to build an entire facility, want to future-proof your next purchase decision or just want to keep abreast of the direction the industry is heading in, NTS is the opportunity to learn from the best – even from a distance!


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