IP in production goes live at IBC 2016.

With only a week to go, the EBU Technology & Innovation Team and Members are busy getting ready for the next IBC in Amsterdam. This year’s IBC will be a major milestone on the path to the universal use of IP for production, shaking-off the limitations of yesterday’s SDI.  The EBU is joining others and sharing its knowledge in a series of must-see demonstrations and presentations.  If you’re in this business of live production, they should be un-missable.   Here’s how to find them.


  • A prototype personalised channel using IP for live production and EBU’s recommendation and authentication systems will be demonstrated.  The full end-to-end IP chain – from production to delivery – will be integrated in the same demo with the collaboration of many partners. On EBU stand Hall 10.F20
  • New IBC IP Interoperability ZoneThere will be a joint interoperability demonstration by a number of alliances:  The JT-NM (composed of EBU, SMPTE, VSF and AMWA) together with the AES, AIMS, and IABM. We will show in action how standards for media production over IP are converging towards a common roadmap.  Hall 8.D10
  • In the same Zone, a second demonstration will showcase the VRT-EBU LiveIP Studio, also finalist at the IBC2016 Innovation Awards.  This is producing live television today, and is a beacon for prospective users of IP production.   We’ll be producing content for the IBC TV service during the show.   At IBC you can observe the production team in action and ask them questions about their direct experience of the IP revolution. Hall 8.D20A


  • 9 September 2016, 12:00 – 13:30, IBC Conference, Emerald Room: ‘Lessons learned from experimental IP studios’ - The specialists will reveal what they have learned from the world’s first fully IP live television studio.  The experience with the EBU-VRT LiveIP will be shared in details. Find out more... 
  • 9 September 2016, 16:00 – 17:00, EBU Stand Hall 10.F20: Session:  Live & IP - The experts will outline the JT-NM roadmap, the VRT-EBU LiveIP Project, and the AMWA Networked Media Open Specification. 
  • 11 September 2016, 15:45 – 18:00, IBC Conference, Emerald Room: SMPTE Session - Studio Video over IP  - The panellists will draw the picture of the state of networked media, the available and developing standards and technologies, the system architecture and the technology roadmap.  Find out more... 

Other EBU activities

For all EBU activities at IBC, please visit our event page here.    

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