The EBU has started a new user group for its Members to share experience and knowledge about Non-Linear Editing (NLE) systems. Integrating and managing NLE software can be complex, as production requirements and relevant technologies evolve. In order to deal with new video formats such as Ultra-High Definition (UHD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR), system architects need to understand and leverage technology improvements – in network connectivy and storage, in feature sets and workflows supported by NLE systems, and elsewhere – and minimise downtime in their implementation.

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The new user group continues the EBU's tradition of supporting Members in the exchange of knowledge and best practice. Joining the group is easy, and an email list and issues tracker mean input and knowledge from this growing community of experts and peers is only a few clicks away. If common issues are identified, the EBU's Strategic Programmes on Production Infrastructures and Video may organize specific activities – such as standardization efforts or workshops on new workflows – to address these issues.

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The scope of this forum includes troubleshooting tips for popular NLEs, best practices for managing system upgrades, and worfklow changes to adapt to UHD and HDR formats, and more.

The NLE group is reserved for employees of EBU Member organizations. To start sharing experiences, simply follow this link to add yourself to the mailing list and to receive information on how to access the issues tracker. Simply use or create your personal and free EBU account to log in.

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