Challenges of Next Generation Audio

EBU tech-i 030

The December 2016 issue of tech-looks at Next Generation Audio, the promise of 5G networks, the new .radio TLD and much more.

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  • Preview of Digital Radio Week 2017
  • Report on DevCon 2016
  • Preview of of Production Technology Seminar 2017 and Cyber Security Workshop
  • Introducing the new Flexible Content Production programme
  • Live & IP at France Télévisions
  • The role of audio renderers
  • VR experiences at ARTE
  • The promise of 5G networks
  • Launching the .radio TLD
  • Latest audience trends in Europe
  • David Wood on Next Generation Audio
  • Updates from DVB & ABU
  • A new Mediathek for ZDF
  • In the spotlight: Mike Nugent (ERT)

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