The broadcast industry is about to make its transition to IP in live production. Our industry is ready because the benefits promised by an all-IP future, compared to the SDI world in which we now live, are attractive and offer the opportunity to provide new services to viewers. More importantly, these opportunities will increase broadcasters’ flexibility to continue innovating so they can remain at the top in our increasingly competitive business landscape.
On 01 March 2016, you are invited to attend  a unique webcast directly from the VRT LiveIP studio. The 45 minute multi-camera debate, produced entirely using IP technology will feature Brigitta Nickelsen, Director of Business Development at Radio Bremen, Mick De Valck, Director of technology and operations of VRT, Charlie Cope, Technical Executive at BBC Sport and Dr Hans Hoffmann, Senior Manager at EBU Technology and Innovation, who will share their user perspectives of the transition to live IP production in front of an audience comprising of industry experts and commentators. After the debate, the floor will be open for the audience to ask your questions.
Direct link to the webcast. Starts at 10 AM CET.

The Live IP project, part of the VRT Sandbox technology acceleration programme, is the world’s first proof of concept of a complete live production that relies exclusively on IP using existing open standards. Driven by Belgium’s VRT and the European Broadcasting Union and powered by a long list of partners including Axon, Dwesam, D&MS, EVS, Genelec, Grass Valley, Lawo, Nevion, Tektronix and Trilogy, this venture has developed a fully functional IP production studio. Live IP presents the industry an opportunity to learn in a real-life scenario – to test assumptions and demonstrate value. The group’s effort helps ensure future investments and provides much needed leadership to the industry through the IP transition.

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