Internet technology continues to enhance media production. The EBU Network Technology Seminar is the annual rendezvous for broadcast experts and system designers dealing with IT infrastructure and IP networks as well as for IT specialists and architects that deal with broadcast media applications.  
This year’s event will take place at the EBU in Geneva on 21-22 June 2016. To take advantage of our 30% reduced early bird rates, sign up now or before 10 May. 
We'll start off by giving the podium to public broadcasters CBC and VRT who will tell us what they expect from the evolving infrastructure technology. We will then explore a number of real-life use cases from BBC, FTV and IRT and get the state of interoperability in Live IP technology. The great debate of this year will bring together major technology proponents like Sony NMI, Aspen, AIMS and the Joint Task Force on Networked Media (JT-NM) to discuss how can we achieve an industry-wide interoperability level like we are used to with SDI. A session on cyber security will give the us two different perspectives: one from the Cloud service provider SWISS TXT and the other from a public broadcaster, NPO. We will finish the programme with our traditional session looking at the future. 
Following the success of last year, NTS 2016 will provide participants with a choice of three 90 minutes tutorials from three different tracks, providing a combination of introductory and advanced topics, including:
  • From SDI to IP architectures (introductory)
  • Real-time Network Media Architectures (advanced)
  • Audio over IP and SIP (audio)
  • An overview of key standards (introductory)
  • PTP (advanced)
  • Analyzing faults in an operational IP environment (operational)
  • High performance network access (advanced)
  • Discovery and registration (advanced)

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