The march to UHDTV is now a race.  What format is the right one for you?  Is High Dynamic Range (HDR) essential now? What frame rate should you use to make sure you future-proof valuable content and what exactly is a WCG?  The UHDTV session at the EBU’s Production Technology Seminar in 2016 is set to answer all your questions with a group of experts taking an informed stroll through all the hype! 
The event will take place 26-28 January 2016 at the EBU Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. To register and take advantage of our early bird rates (they end 28 December), click here
While the spur for advanced sound system developments has inevitably been a promise of immersive audio for UHDTV, it must not be forgotten that other attributes (ASS/OBA/OBS) such as access services, personalization, SOA-friendliness and the ability to “produce once, use in multiple platforms” scenarios are equally, if not more important to broadcasters. Its production will heavily impact workflows, its ever-present metadata will change the way that loudness and user-customizations can be managed; it is a game-changer. Learn more in our advanced audio and radio production session. 
Other highlights of the programme include: use cases, integrated media production, virtual reality, and digital workflows and file systems. EBU Members and delegates will also have the unparalleled opportunity to learn from experts and participate in hands-on tutorial sessions on topics such as high dynamic range, loudness and LiveIP. 
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