The development of production environments based on IT infrastructures is the next evolution that broadcasters now face. While the transition to IP-based production creates a great opportunity to increase efficiency and diversify in the media content and services offered to audiences, it also constitutes a major challenge in terms of technology infrastructures, workflows, and professional skills.
On 29 February and 01 March, approximately 60 representatives from the EBU Membership and broadcast supplier industry got together at the VRT in Brussels to network and learn about live IP media production. They discussed the strategic drivers of why we need to move to IP, the immediate steps and future looking use cases. The VRT Sandbox LiveIP Project was central to the event, with a full report on the almost 1 year old project. 
The need for open standards, convenient and agile solutions for creators, reliability and data security was strongly emphasized.  The discussion also brought to light the necessity for media technologists and vendors to involve journalists and programme makers from the start of any IP transition project to help identify requirements and scalable solutions. The event was jointly organized by the Eurovision Academy, EBU Technology and Innovation and the IABM - the leading trade association of  broadcast and media technology suppliers worldwide. 

Re-live the Live IP Live debate

Embedded in the event, VRT hosted a live webcast directly from the VRT Sandbox LiveIP studio in Brussels. 
The 60 minute multi-camera debate, produced entirely using IP technology featured Mrs Brigitta Nickelsen, Director of Business Development at Radio Bremen, Mr Mick De Valck, Director of Technology and Operations of VRT, Mr Charlie Cope, Technical Executive at BBC Sport and Dr Hans Hoffmann, Senior Manager at EBU Technology and Innovation. Hosted by Mr Ben Roelants, they shared their user perspectives on the transition to live IP production in front of an audience comprising of the participants in the event.
For more information on the Live IP Project, click here.

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