Until recently, there was a clear recipe for success in media and entertainment. However, as technology continues to open doors to new developments, public service media must look for new ways to share content across different platforms. This year’s keynote session at PTS is dedicated to discussing this topic and taking a closer look at producing across media – “A 360̊ perspective” to be exact.
The annual EBU Production Technology Seminar is the place to be to keep abreast of technology developments for broadcasting. The event will take place 26-28 January 2016 at the EBU Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. To register, click here
How real is virtual reality for broadcasters? Are we being teased into a fool’s paradise or is it a serious medium to start producing for? The virtual reality session at PTS 2016 will let the facts speak for themselves. Several broadcasters will showcase their latest virtual reality productions and industry experts will share the latest camera technologies and what is still missing to create high quality illusions with real-world equipment.
Other highlights of the programme include: use cases, integrated media production, advanced audio and radio production, digital workflows and file systems, and UHDTV. EBU Members and delegates will also have the unparalleled opportunity to learn from experts and participate in hands-on tutorial sessions on topics such as high dynamic range, loudness and LiveIP. 
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