Have you ever wanted to watch TV on your tablet without the internet? The EBU Broadcast Hotspot allows you to do so by connecting your RF antenna and plugging in the cable from your home Wi-Fi into the box. “Just connect an antenna and your home network and voilà!” says Peter Mac Avock, EBU.


The broadcast signal arrives at the antenna. It is then split in multiple paths in order to have more than one multiplex at the same time. The tuners receive the signal and then select a particular frequency which will then be sent through the USB hub to the micro-computer. After receiving the signal, the micro-computer’s job is to stream it over IP into the correct destination. The desired destination is reached through a Wi-Fi network by mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

The box is built with off the shelf components and it costs a very modest amount. The design and software are open source. The box is based on the SAT over IP standard and it is compatible with any SAT over IP client.

The broadcast hotspot allows streaming of multiple channels at the same time, including additional services such as subtitles, teletext or recordings.

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