From production to play-out, from drawing board to real-life deployment – this year’s EBU Network Technology Seminar lays out the IP-based production chain, highlights efforts made to address missing links and examines the progress made on the way to virtualization.

Starting on 20 June, the two-day event at EBU headquarters in Geneva brings together leading specialists for media and IT infrastructure, in order to help broadcasters make sound choices in preparing their transition to IP and to leverage the opportunities it creates.

IP and the cloud

To showcase what is possible today, the programme features several projects that have been leading the curve in the move to IP, with implementations in brick-and-mortar facilities as well as in remote production setups spec’d entirely for IP.

As broadcasters are keen to tap into the operational potential of scalable dematerialized facilities in the private or public cloud, the event aims at providing a clear overview of current developments and their impact on the industry's roadmap to the future. Participants will be able to hear first-hand from industry organizations such as SMPTE who are laying the groundwork for virtualized work flows.

A range of helpful tutorials will provide participants with everything required to understand IP, PTP, AMWA NMOS & Labs and SMPTE 2110.

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Network Technology Seminar 2017 – Information & Registration

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