The next Production Technology Seminar (PTS 2015) promises to debate and demystify the key strategic technology topics for broadcasters and industry in the coming year.  To meet these expectations, participants will hear from a range of experts on key topics, as well as, be involved in hands-on tutorial sessions that will educate and provide a number of unique technology demonstrations.

Main highlights

-    Ways of producing smarter with higher efficiency using modern technologies for multiscreen environments, high quality genre, social media and the internet;
-    Use cases from broadcasters on unique projects that they have implemented (for example, using the cloud);
-    Demystifying how to make content out of data, the next level of FIMS, the DPP format and the use of the new standard Interoperable Master Format (IMF) by Netflix;
-    Discussing future fully-networked production architectures and an in-depth debate on the IP networked studio with manufactures;
-    A UHDTV gap analysis and a look at what technology and standards’ developments we can expect in the future, including higher dynamic range and its value;
-    Next generation audio and sound as well as an analysis of object-based audio.

Tutorial sessions

-    Best practice for low cost radio production
-    Best practice for low cost TV production
-    Investigating object-based production and delivery with a multi-dimensional radio feature
-    How to write your own FIMS service
-    Elements of a network architecture
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