Smartphones and tablets now play an important role in accessing media content and services. Mobile broadband is becoming a significant delivery platform for broadcasters. However, the potential of mobile broadband for the delivery of broadcasting content and services to large audiences is unknown. There is limited understanding between the mobile and broadcasting communities.  It is important for broadcasters to do more to study different mobile delivery options and improve the relationship so both parties can benefit in the future.

How can EBU T&I help?

Our Project Group on CTN-Mobile helps to establish a constructive forum where broadcasters and the mobile industry can explore future developments, including possible links between mobile broadband and terrestrial broadcasting. We do so by studying technical, operational and regulatory issues associated with the delivery of broadcast services over mobile broadband networks and providing guidance to you. We develop common terminology for conveying the needs of broadcasters. We also do research to determine what types of use cases and usage patterns would be feasible and beneficial for public service broadcasters, taking into account current and future requirements and constraints.

Guidance & tools

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