White Paper - 5G based Content Production and Contribution

EBU WHITE PAPER 11-04-2024

Audiovisual productions underpin all media services including broadcasting.

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Especially for live productions, very high quality (Quality of Service, QoS) is extremely important, since live events cannot be repeated, and quality cannot be increased at a later stage.
These productions increasingly rely on wireless technologies. In IP-based production, different signals are treated as individual IP streams. This principle is also needed in wireless productions.
This was the motivation to study the latest generation of mobile communications technology, 5G, which, under the right conditions, offers high-performance connectivity with high data rates and low latency.

Webinar: 5G in content production – what are EBU Members up to?

Key words: 5G, non-public network, trials, wireless production, IP production, remote production, spectrum, license.