5G Broadcasting System: Analysis of 3GPP Release 14


3GPP Release 14 of the 5G specification is designed to meet many of the requirements for PSM broadcasting.

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Release 14 is considered a major accomplishment and is a result of close cooperation between the broadcasting community, led by the EBU, and the mobile industry.

This document outlines how the EBU originally came to be involved in the 3GPP standardisation process and the features provided by Rel-14 for the distribution of PSM content. It then goes on to cover the detail of the gap analysis undertaken by the Mobile Technologies and Standards (MTS) project group to identify any gaps or limitations remaining in Rel-14 compared to the requirements that were originally submitted to 3GPP. Furthermore, it covers the subsequent work under 3GPP (to result in Rel-16) aiming to address those issues identified in Rel-14.