The EBU has published a new report (Tech Report 034) that contains a list of technical parameters for use in theoretical LTE eMBMS radio access network studies. With the growing interest in mobile broadcasting a number of parties around the world are investigating eMBMS network performance and coverage, but these studies are not always comparable. The EBU report should enable different studies to be based on a consistent set of assumptions and yield comparable results.

Incomparable studies

The motivation to perform this work was formed by the difficulties experienced in interpreting and comparing the results of studies on eMBMS network performance and coverage. These were mainly caused by different input assumptions/parameters, different treatments of the parameters across the studies and different interpretations of what actually constitutes network coverage. The intention of Tech Report 034 is to establish a representative list of simulation parameters in order to facilitate comparison between different studies and the possibility to replicate their results. The parameters listed are limited to those that are necessary for theoretical LTE eMBMS coverage simulation.

Broadcast - mobile cooperation

The new publication is a result of collaborative work in the EBU's project group CTN-Mobile which is open to representatives from both the broadcast and the mobile industries. The work continues and is currently focussing on LTE eMBMS operational scenarios and performance assessment for audiovisual services.

For more information please contact: Darko Ratkaj (EBU).

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