Mobile Technologies and Standards

Helps Members to build technical competence in the domain of the current and future mobile technologies

Mobile networks are becoming increasingly important for the distribution of audiovisual media services. The fast developments in mobile technologies are largely driven by the ever increasing demand for network capacity resulting from the rapid uptake of innovative services, including audiovisual media, and the growing capabilities of mobile devices. It is essential for mobile networks to be able to accommodate the current and future needs of public service media. In particular, a large-scale distribution of audiovisual media services in a sustainable and cost-efficient way is needed.

EBU Members have identified the need to contribute to the ongoing standardisation work in the domain of mobile technologies as one of the current priorities. The Mobile Technologies and Standards Group (MTS) seeks to build technical competence within the EBU community in the domain of the current and future mobile technologies, including both the 4G/LTE and the 5G.

To do so, the Project Group:

  • Undertakes detailed technical studies of 4G and 5G and their respective standardisation roadmaps;
  • Monitors the work in the relevant standards developing organizations (SDOs) and prepare contributions to their work on the issues of relevance for public service media; 
  • Formulates and coordinates EBU positions on relevant mobile standardisation issues;
  • Shares knowledge and relevant information to EBU Members, including on the potential impacts of standardisation developments;
  • Provides expert advice on mobile technologies to the EBU Members.
The work of MTS Project Group is directed by the EBU strategic Programme on Distribution. Participation is limited to EBU Members.

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