Procurement of interoperable Content Delivery Networks

EBU R 159

This Recommendation is intended to be used as a reference for procurement of CDN services.

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This recommendation aims to capture a baseline set of media CDN requirements that are most relevant to EBU Members that can be used to select CDNs in procurement processes. This is both to aid market procurements and to inform the CDN industry of requirements that are essential to integrate technically when doing business with EBU Members. The more such CDN requirements are pushed through procurement processes, the more the market will conform around them and deliver interoperable services.

The content is primarily geared towards a single CDN provider but can be used for procurement of multi-CDN deployments with private and/or public setups. It covers streaming media use cases only (e.g., DASH/HLS streams).

A checklist of functional requirements is also included that can be used in whole or in part in procurement documentation. The detail of the requirements is general enough so as not to unnecessarily complicate the terms between a CDN provider and the Client.

Annexed to the recommendation is a sample media delivery Service Level Agreement that may be used as an example of how to measure quality delivery over the lifetime of the contract (operational fulfilment of requirement during contract term and alignment of technical requirements with operational requirements).


Key Words: Distribution, Online, Content Delivery Network, CDN, Procurement, Invitation To Tender, ITT, Service Level Agreement, SLA, Site Acceptance Testing, SAT.