Broadcasters and other audiovisual media outlets provide a wide range of content and services, while the viewers and listeners enjoy a wide and growing choice of devices on which to receive these services, from stationary TV sets and home radio receivers to personal computers, tablets and smartphones, game consoles and streaming boxes.
Growing capabilities of user devices coupled with innovative service offers continue to incite user expectations; in particular, in terms of choice, quality, availability, and affordability. In order to reach the audience on any device at any time and any place, broadcasters and other content providers use multiple delivery means, including both broadcast and broadband platforms.
The EBU’ s Distribution Platforms and Services is deeply involved in technical developments, standardisation, and regulation of different distribution platforms, seeking to ensure that they are capable of fulfilling the present and future needs of the EBU Members.
Wireless distribution of audiovisual content has been present for a long time in the form of terrestrial and satellite broadcast networks which are purpose-build for efficient delivery of linear services to mass audiences. However, the rise of wireless broadband in recent years, coupled with the growing popularity of on-demand services and personal devices such as smartphones and tablets is profoundly changing the landscape.
What impact will this have on the EBU Members and how should they respond? Form their viewpoint, any distribution option, and wireless broadband is no exception, needs to be evaluated in terms of its technical capabilities, reach, costs, and the strategic importance, now and in the future.
The EBU’ Project group on Cooperative Terrestrial Networks - Mobile (CTN-Mobile) is looking at the possibility to deliver broadcast services over 4G/LTE networks. The group mainly consists of broadcasters and the mobile technology providers. Their initial findings were published in the Technical Report 027 and the work continues.
In his IBC paper Darko Ratkaj provides the context of this work and examines the requirements that wireless networks need to fulfil (both technical and non-technical) to be viable for a large-scale distribution of audio-visual media services. Presentation of this paper at the IBC Conference is scheduled on Monday, 14 September 2015 at 11:30 - 13:00 in the Emerald Room (Session on Spectrum & Transmission).

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