A landmark EBU report on the distribution opportunities that 5G networks will offer for public service media (PSM) has been updated to explicitly include radio services. BPN 109, first published in 2016, is available to EBU Members only, although an executive summary is publicly accessible.

5G is the next generation of mobile technology. It is expected to deliver better mobile broadband than any of the existing technologies and to enable innovative use cases. The technology is currently being standardized in the 3GPP project and its rollout in networks is expected to start around 2020.

Promising for PSM

For PSM oganizations, 5G promises to enable new services and facilitate new business models. This is why the EBU, together with its Members, is working to ensure that 5G systems will be able to meet the future requirements of PSM and their audiences. The EBU is actively involved in the standardization effort as well as in research and development activities and ongoing discussions with regulatory bodies.

The focal point for work on 5G within the EBU is the Strategic Programme on Future Distribution.

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