Video Systems & Workflows

Advises Members on all aspects of video images, quality and workflows.

The Video Systems group coordinates all work in the Video domain. Where relevant, dedicated groups are created to work on topics in more detail. See the overview here.


Currently the following deliverables are planned (green indicates the deliverable has already been delivered). Note that deliverables are dependent on enough participation in the work and that the planning is subject to change. New deliverables are added regularly.








* To have access to the files, EBU Members need to first join the Video Systems Group.

For more information on UHDTV, see this UHDTV page. Also check out this specific HDR page.

Join us

We welcome your active participation in Video Systems & Workflows (see key deliverables we work on above) and/or its related group: QC. You may also be interested in the HDR Downmapping group.

The EBU Video Systems & Workflows group deals with all aspects of video images, image quality and quality assessment, specifically concerning HDTV, UHDTV, High Dynamic Range and High Frame Rates as well as emerging immersive image systems.

Taking an end-to-end approach from production to distribution and the consumer, the work encompasses all aspects of video processing, investigating production codecs, related file formats and wrappers (e.g. MXF, IMF), workflows and access services and also evaluating practicality and cost aspects.

The Video Systems group provides strategic and technical advice and, through active collaboration with industry and standards bodies such as DVB, ITU-R, SMPTE, and W3C, helps to ensure broadcaster requirements are reflected in future media applications and services.

See the 'activities' section for the curently planned deliverables.

Two parts

This gorup consists of two parts:

  1. VS-ALL, which is open to all industry professionals (including equipment manufacturers, research organizations, etc.)
  2. VS-EBU, which is restricted to EBU Members (public service media organizations)

When you join EBU Video Systems & Workflows, you are automatically added to the appropriate e-mail reflector(s) and given access to the relevant workspaces and other tools.

How we work

The actual work is performed via the e-mail reflector(s) and using additional tools where needed.

Frequent webexes are used to coordinate the work, often focussing on specific work items.

The best places to start for an overview of what is going on are the VS-ALL workspace and the VS-EBU workspace (restricted to EBU Members).

If you have any questions/need help, please contact the coordinator: Frans de Jong (EBU).