EBU HDR Workshop

This workshop was organized by the EBU HDR Implementation Task Force and hosted by the SWR in Baden-Baden (Germany). It was held to explore HDR Production workflows and equipment.

Using end-to-end workflows it was demonstrated exactly what happens in common production environments with examples provided by Sky, BT Sport, CBC and the BBC.

Goal was to answer recurrent questions, such as:

- Can I convert between HDR formats?

- Can I use BT.709 cameras and archive content in my HDR production?

- Can I create a BT.709 output from an HDR feed?

Related information

The FAQ from this event have been published as EBU Tech Report 070.

Test material shot at this event is available via this link (make sure you are logged in).

As a result of this workshop, a HDR Downmapping group was created to help optimize the use of HDR -> SDR downmappers in live TV production.

See the HDR page for more information about HDR. EBU Members may want to especially check out these three presentations:

As a preparation for the event the following three webinars were held (EBU Members can watch the recordings):


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