EBU R 103 Test Chart - DCTL and Quicktime

EBU R 103 TC 1

EBU R 103 Test Chart - DCTL and Quicktime

EBU R 103 Test Chart and DCTL code to create it, provided by Thomas Berglund (NRK).

The Quicktime file linked from here is a 10-bit Uncompressed YUV ('v210') Test Chart that conforms to EBU R 103.


This EBU R 103 Test Chart is made to check that signal processing in video software and hardware products handles sub-black and super-white data correctly. Such data are typically encountered in a live production context.

Note that for pre-produced and colour graded material, it is expected that the nominal video limits described in EBU R 103 are closely followed.


To create your own (branded) chart, you can use this BlackMagic Davinci Resolve DCTL, which has been kindly provided by Thomas Berglund (NRK). A video showing you how to use it is available, also. The text overlay that Thomas showed in his video, you can download in PNG and in PSD format.

Other equipment

If you want to share details on how to create EBU R 103 Test Charts with other equipment, please contact us via: tech@ebu.ch.